Lucila Salinas

Ana is currently a senior at the University of Illinois (UIC).

In the fall she will graduate with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Industrial Engineering.  Ana has an associate’s degree in Applied Science from Wright College, and a GED diploma from Truman College.

Among her current school projects Ana is working for Pepe’s Incorporated, developing new solutions and optimizations for their packing processes. She is also developing software engineering documentation for KIO Networks to create a Virtual Reality Database Center tour.  KIO is the foremost Database Center Company in Latin America.

Ana worked in the restaurant industry since the age of fifteen, and she advanced to become a general manager and then consulting manager for restaurants in Illinois, Indianapolis, and New York. During these years she raised her now twenty year old daughter, and paid for the private education of her younger brother and sister in one of the most prestigious Universities in Mexico.

Ana came to the United States on a tourist visa not knowing English at the age of fifteen. She over-stayed and became undocumented. After almost 22 years she finally became a citizen and has been working hard to build a great America