Caro Manel

Caro Manel is a Web developer at Xeno Media Inc.

She merges her love of science, technology and education with her career in Web Development. She was born and raised in Puebla Mexico, where she received a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in 1997.

After graduating, she worked as a Software Engineer for T-Systems Mexico (former Gedas North America) and its main client Volkswagen of Mexico where she analyzed hundreds of computer programs, performed advanced quality testing and was responsible for assuring that the team of programmers fulfilled corporate quality standards.

Caro migrated to the United States in 2005. She spent five years raising her sons and learning the language while serving as President of the District 204 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee. Subsequently, she overcame language barriers, cultural and gender differences to become a successful Web developer. She is working for Xeno Media where she applies new and exciting web technologies for a wide range of clients, including Fermilab. As much as she loves debugging code, solving problems in pseudocode and programming digital experiences, she enjoys volunteering her time to Dare to Dream: Get Educated!, where she is the STEM Coordinator.